Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Journey Reunion - On the Outside Looking In

Perhaps the Journeyers did not want to make their former coach feel too bad about bowing out in the 1st round a few days ago, so they became one of the rare 1 seeds in the women's tourney to lose in the 2nd round tonight. Of course, the first question is, since when did a 1 seed play on the 8 seed's home floor? But, as longtime Journey fans, we're kind of used to let downs in the tournament. Who can forget Arkansas in 1998? or Minnesota in 2004?

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Head Dude said...

I'm still stuck on the fact a 9-seed was playing on its home court. What happened to the days where the top four seeds in each region got to play the first two rounds at home? I realize they can't use a neutral site because there won't be enough fans, and that Duke was the lowest-rated one seed, but isn't this a little ridiculous?