Sunday, March 29, 2009

RIP Alysheba

Several decades before there was Barbaro, there was Alysheba, the '87 Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner who made this dude a fan of horse racing. Alysheba died at age 25 yesterday, apparently having lived his adult life on the oil fields of Saudi Arabia before returning to Kentucky this fall. His battles with Bet Twice brought me into the sport, and then he was off to a life as a stud, while other champions like Sunday Silence came and went. Much like Larry Parrish in baseball and Brad Davis in basketball, you can never replace your first favorite player.


The Dude said...

The horse that first brought me into the sport was Sunday Silence, and his duels with Easy Goer in 1989. It is interesting to recount the first favorites in each of the sports. For me, they were as follows:
Baseball - Glenn Davis of the 1989 Astros
Basketball - Hakeem (then Akeem) Olajuwon of the 1988-89 Rockets
Football - Andre Ware of the University of Houston Cougars
Professional Wrestling: The Rockers (Marty Janetty and Shawn Michaels)
Golf: Tiger Woods 1997 Masters
Tennis: Michael Chang, 1989 French Open

Mr. Morgan said...
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Thad is Rad said...

am stunned to find out that two of the dudes are closet horse racing fans. And I'm considered the blue blooded WASP of the group?

If Franchise posts with horse racing memories, my world will no longer make sense.

HD said...

My full list is:
Baseball: Larry Parrish, Rangers in the early '80s
Basketball: Brad Davis, Mavs in the early '80s; Danny Ferry, Duke in the late '80s;
Football: probably Drew Pearson and Danny White, though the feelings weren't quite as strong in football.
Hockey: Modano, 1993
Golf: Sandy Lyle, 1988 Masters
Tennis: Chris Evert, early '80s; on the men's side, I cheered for Mats Wilander and Stefan Edberg, though not as passionately until Agassi came along in '86

Big Daddy said...

Baseball: Cal Ripken/Eddie Murray O's
Basketball: Showtime Lakers (Magic, Jabbar, Worthy etc. with Riley);
Danny Ferry as an individual, but the 87 team with Amaker and Dawkins
Football: Ditto Danny White (though I remember the Hogeboom picks more) Ed "Too Tall" Jones
Tennis: Ditto Evert, Johnny Mac on the men's side
Soccer: Maradonna