Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Your Move, Denver

The Mavs are headed to the Mile High City after handing Tim Duncan his first first-round exit. At least I assume the Mavs are headed to Denver in light of last night's 58-point stunner. In all likelihood, this was the first of four Dude first-round wins ... and if Houston and the Nuggets can win one more game, Dude Domination of the West Conference will be almost complete. And isn't Big Daddy a Lakers fan?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Thank you for being a friend

I'm stunned HeadDude did not report this, or perhaps he is too choked up with emotion, but this weekend we lost our sassy friend Dorothy.

Friday, April 24, 2009

DudeSpin Hall of Fame Inductee: Rolly Miller

I scoured the Internet for 20 minutes looking for a picture of Rolly for his "induction plaque" without any success. Of course, to say that Rolly was just Rolly would not do him justice. For many of us, including the Bloggers here who met at 301 Flowers, Rolly was the face of the Chronicle, and especially, the back editorial room. This was where Rolly was at his best - switching the radio in the middle cabinet there to bring some smooth jazz into the office, rolling up next to you to make some joke that was inevitably uproarously funny, or giving advice that was always much-needed by misguided college kids like us who had a bit too much time on our hands. In our time there, we were always enthralled with the story of Rolly's deck. And we were as glad as ever to see Rolly's deck and his poker room when we returned a few years later. Rolly, this has been a long time coming, given that you were a member of the inaugural class - but congratulations - you will always be a Hall of Famer in our hearts!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In Salute of Deke

One of the NBA's all-time great spokesmen and good guys saw his career come to an unfortunate end last night in Portland. Dikembe Mutombo's 18-year, 6-team career was perhaps best known for his finger-wagging after a blocked shot and the image of him lying on the court, ball cradled in his arms, after leading Denver to a shocking 8 vs. 1 upset of Seattle ... an upset that only has happened one other time (I forget when).

But off the court, Mutombo made his biggest mark, turning his money and popularity into action to help build hospitals, schools, and other crucial forms of assistance to his native Congo and elsewhere in Africa.

They don't come much better, and he's paved the way not only for other Africans to play in the Association, but other players from around the world as well. The NBA Cares ad may sometimes be forced, but not in the case of Deke.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Undude's Spring Game Report

Of course, this is not the Undude; and this is not a report about the Spring Game. Instead, this is where the report would have gone had Undude not attended a high school reunion of Undude's wife this weekend. This is simply a placeholder to denote Undude's dereliction of his duties to DudeSpin.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

How to fall four spots in one night...

Houston went into last night's regular-season finale against the Mavericks with high hopes of finishing second in the West and earning their first Southwest Division title this century ... and a good chance to win their first playoff series this century. Instead, the Rockets were completely dominated by the Mavericks down the stretch in a 95-84 loss and slid all the way to the fifth spot, and a road series against the young and healthy upstart Trail Blazers. Which means a first-round win is unlikely, and a trip to the Conference Finals near impossible with the Lakers waiting in the second round. As for Dallas and Denver, there's a much better shot that this is the one Dude vs. Dude playoff matchup we'll be seeing in 2009. Which means still a chance, even if an outside one, that Boston won't automatically be the last dude team standing.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Paulus to Riley - And the Lambeau Leap!!

Sounds too preposterous to be true??? But that's exactly what happened last week as Paulus worked out for the Packers by throwing spirals to DudeSpin favorite Eron Riley. I just love the fact that there are rumors now that Paulus might transfer to Michigan to play football - given the unlikelihood of him beating out Thad Lewis next season.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Finally, The Franchise Has Returned To Houston!

Eight years after making his first trip for Wrestlemania XVII, the Franchise took a return trip to Houston for the 25th anniversary of Wrestlemania. While the twin main events (Triple Threat; Orton v. HHH) definitely paled in comparison with Stone Cold's heel turn against the Rock in XVII, the latest installment featured one of the 3 greatest wrestling matches I've ever seen, live or in person - the Undertaker v. HBK.

But that aside, Team Asia - reconstituted as Team Duke for this trip, rolled their way to a thrilling 7-pin victory on the lanes past two formidable foes on Sunday. We eagerly await the next DudeMania, and the return of the thrills on the lanes.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Uh, Undude?

How do you feel about little Tommy Brady after something like this? On top of Gisele claiming that Brady's child with that other actress is like hers, having your goons shoot at paparazzi won't help in the PR department either.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Great Wall of Hope?

I have to admit that ever since Shaun Livingston committed to Duke and then turned pro, I've hardly paid any attention to recruiting, as it seemingly became a worthless exercise. And I think the fact K started missing on stars like Boynton, Patterson, and Monroe had something to do with it. But this season got my excitement level back up about the program, and the current recruiting battle going on has led me back to dukeupdate.com and even DBR on a daily basis.

For those Dudes not following thus far, Duke is now hot after uncommitted Raleigh point guard John Wall, the consensus #1 PG and top 5 overall recruit in this year's class. Until recently, Memphis was his pretty clear first choice, with Baylor in second based on their shady hiring of his assistant coach. On Sunday, Wall met one-on-one with K, got a tour of the campus, and left with Duke at least entering the conversation for him. Then, of course, Calipari left Memphis, and it's unclear if Wall will still consider Memphis, or now take a hard look at Kentucky. This could either be great news for Duke, or have no effect.

Wall, from what I've read, pretty clearly seems to be a one-and-done guy, which led this writer from the N&O to criticize Duke for recruiting such a player. But is it really? If Duke could get Wall, and convince Henderson to come back, even without wearing my blue-tinted glasses, Duke would seemingly be a prohibitive favorite to win the title. A starting five of Wall, Scheyer, Henderson, Singler, Kelly, and second five of Smith, Williams, Thomas, Mason Plumlee, and Zoubek would be unmatched, and Duke's most talented 10 since earlier this decade. Keep in mind, Kelly just won the McDonald's three-point shootout, and Plumlee was second in the dunk contest, so we know they're at least not stiff and tall white dudes. How much of an interior presence they'll provide is to-be-determined.

If Duke misses on Wall, they're taking a hard look at Eric Bledsoe, rated as the #9 PG in the country (top 75 overall), and a dude who calls Duke his dream school. I read something about there being academic questions, and whether he's good enough of a player, but the numbers seem to back him up. You wonder though how long he'll wait around if Wall delays his decision.

So what do the Dudes think about recruiting Wall? Are you okay with an avowed one-and-done player, something K seemed to abandon after Livingston/Deng played a combined one year. In my mind, with Scheyer a senior, and Henderson/Singler having no more than one year left, I have no problem going all in given our drought over the last 5 years. And it's not like in 2010 we'd exactly be suffering with Curry eligible and a base of other talent such as Williams, Nolan, Kelly, Plumlee, etc.