Friday, April 24, 2009

DudeSpin Hall of Fame Inductee: Rolly Miller

I scoured the Internet for 20 minutes looking for a picture of Rolly for his "induction plaque" without any success. Of course, to say that Rolly was just Rolly would not do him justice. For many of us, including the Bloggers here who met at 301 Flowers, Rolly was the face of the Chronicle, and especially, the back editorial room. This was where Rolly was at his best - switching the radio in the middle cabinet there to bring some smooth jazz into the office, rolling up next to you to make some joke that was inevitably uproarously funny, or giving advice that was always much-needed by misguided college kids like us who had a bit too much time on our hands. In our time there, we were always enthralled with the story of Rolly's deck. And we were as glad as ever to see Rolly's deck and his poker room when we returned a few years later. Rolly, this has been a long time coming, given that you were a member of the inaugural class - but congratulations - you will always be a Hall of Famer in our hearts!!

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