Monday, May 04, 2009

Do My Eyes Deceive Me?

Or was that Todd Marchant who came out of nowhere to score a triple-OT goal to beat the Wings almost 12 years to the day after pulling a double-OT trick against the Stars?


The Franchise said...

Take joy in that one - and the subsequent Game 3 win by the Ducks if you must Head Dude.

It can console you from the facts that:

* The Stars didn't even make the playoffs, which is difficult to do in the NHL.
The Mavs are down 2-0 to the Nugs and have shown few signs that they will be able to steal one in Denver, even if they manage to drag the series out by winning a game or two at home.

Head Dude said...

I expect that kind of broadside from the Dude, but this is a first coming from the Franchise!
Actually, you've been quite restrained thus far. I still wish we could've seen what would happen this series with a reasonably healthy Josh Howard, or at least a Josh Howard as healthy as Carmelo, but it's not looking like that'll happen. Without him, there's just not a reliable third scorer to step up in the fourth quarter when the first two games have gotten away.
But Denver tends to play differently on the road, and Dallas plays differently at home, so we'll see. As the Dude can recall from 2005, being up 2-0 on Dallas is no guarantee of future success -- in fact, it may just be setting you up for a historic Game 7 defeat!

The Franchise said...

I've been restrained because even though this is the best the Nugs have played since... well, since I've been a fan, really, I still don't quite trust them. But I'm starting to believe.

Your point is well made that things could very well be different in Big D. But one thing I think has been kind of embarrassing for the Mavs thus far is how effective Nene and the Birdman have been.

Head Dude said...

I agree, and think we're likely to see a heavier dose of Ryan Hollins in Game 3. Dampier's not quick enough for those two, and Bass isn't tall or strong enough.
Last time I checked, Nene was no all-star, but he's looked like one the first two games.