Friday, May 15, 2009

Kobe Doin' Work

I cannot describe how excited I am about the television premiere on Saturday night. I am hosting a watch party at my house and all the dudes are invited.

Uh. No.


Big Daddy said...

When I saw the title I naturally assumed you were referring to the fact that Kobe has to play another game against, admit it, the surprisingly resourceful-take-that-fork-out-of-them-because-they-aint-done-yet Rockets.

What a day for the Franchise, Detroit wins its game 7 against the Ducks and Denver gets a few more days of rest against a even more "tired" opponent potentially opening at home.

To Head Dude, does the potential of Kobe and the Lakers falling flat on their... know...outweigh the Texas bragging rights of the Dude if Houston advances. Put simply, who you rooting for Sunday?

Head Dude said...

The Rangers, to continue pulling away from the Angels in the AL West.
Isn't basketball season over?

Head Dude said...

In spite of the Dude, how could I possibly root for the Lakers and against the underdog, Battier-led Rockets?