Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mr. 300!

Congratulations to Pudge Rodriguez - a dude committee favorite - for belting home run no. 300 today off Rich Harden of the Cubs in an Astros victory. With the eyes of Houston now cast upon the diamond - the local nine must kick it in gear to make this summer remotely exciting.


Head Dude said...

I believe that was also home run No. 58 that he hit without steriods!
Astros fans need not worry -- if they want to see a winning baseball team, they only need to take a drive up I-45 to Arlington.

The Dude said...

then it is remarkable that on those early 2000 Rangers teams with so many suspected (and proven roiders), they were still so mediocore. That team literally reads like a murderer's row of the Mitchell Report: I-Roid, A-Roid, Juan Gone, Ratfael Palmeroid, Caminiti, etc.

Head Dude said...

No doubt about that, though blame for Caminiti goes to Houston, not us -- I think he was on our roster for a few months.
It's just too bad our pitchers didn't follow suit -- we could've had a one-two pitch like the Clements/Pettite combo that took the Astros to the World Series.