Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Well, it doesn't appear that Duke will be contending for the national championship next year. John Wall apparently committed to Kentucky last night, and now Kentucky is an instant Final Four contender if its wealth of young talent can gel over the course of next season.

Meanwhile, Duke appears headed for another good season, likely ranked in or around the top-10, and then again susceptible to quick and athletic teams in the tournament. This should make a fourth straight year in which fans of most schools would be happy to have our talent, while fans of Duke will likely be left with an unsatisfying second or third-round exit and continue to wonder if K still can recruit like he did earlier this decade. If you've seen the clips of Wall, and heard the hype, he appears destined to be another Derrick Rose who could've lifted us back to the top, even if for only one year.

Sure, we're spoiled and don't appreciate the success we have enough. But a run like we had from '98-'06 where every year was a potential Final Four Team (with the exception of '03) makes it harder to forget the past.


The Dude said...

it's okay - i just watched the 2001 game against Arizona last week.

Big Daddy said...

Couple that with Henderson signing an agent thus remaining in the draft and it wasn't a great 24 hours for the Blue Devils.