Sunday, May 10, 2009


And boom! there goes the season!


Head Dude said...

Not a lot of happy basketball fans in Texas this morning. The NBA gods seem to be conspiring against us.

The Franchise said...

Have faith Texas dudes. The Rockets smoked the Lakers in Game 4. Perhaps the Mavs rebound from that way blown non-call at the end of Game 3 in similar fashion.

But I hope not :)

Head Dude said...

I think the Rockets' performance was a case of playing with emotion for one game, but man, that was some show ... and what if it happens again?!

I'm still headed to the AAC tonight hoping that pride forces this series back to Denver, and I think it will, but Cuban didn't trade for Kidd to get moral victories so it doesn't mean much.

Head Dude said...

I won't make this a full post, but it was a wild night at the AAC. We're just two sections over from the Nuggets' bench and have a good view of it, so I could see Carmelo's wife turned around yelling at fans in the third quarter. Rex Chapman and Karl's comments were nothing but hyperbole -- it wasn't "dangerous" in any way, just fans yelling, but there's no question Dallas fans feed off of Cuban, so when he's being over-the-top it tends to lead to a chain reaction.
I still love how even in apologizing, he said a few times in his blog post "when we return to Dallas for the next game", he'd put the players' families in a suite.
I'm not quite as optimistic, but 60% of teams down 3-0 lose Game 4, so at least we defied those odds and showed a little fight.