Monday, June 15, 2009

Oh Come on, Rick Reilly

Is he for real? The five reasons America hates Kobe somehow don't include that "incident" in Colorado a few years ago. I guess it didn't make the list because Reilly knew there was no way to defend it. Apparently Reilly joins Mark Jackson and the rest of the ESPN crew as a proud member of Kobe's fan club...a club far smaller than those outside of the media and LA would acknowledge.


The Dude said...

ridiculous - Rick Reilly can't see America considering his head is somewhere in Kobe's colon.

The Franchise said...

As we saw in the Olympics, foreign NBA fans love Kobe. I'm not sure why the Amercian sports media doesn't understand that other than Lakers fans (and there are a lot of them, granted), most U.S. fans can't stand him.