Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shocked? Honestly? Shocked?

My favorite quote from the "stunning" revalation that Big Papi was Roid Papi back in 2003 was this nugget from Torii Hunter: "He's still my boy, no matter what. David is a great person and I love him to death. Nothing going to change between us. I'm just shocked just like everybody else, that's all."
Honestly Torii - shocked??. And who is "everybody else" that is shocked?? I'm having a hard time finding one baseball person who would be shocked by the revalation that the Red Sox cheated their way to the World Series in 03 and 07.


ThadisRad said...

First off, revelation is not spelled revalation. At least learn to spell before launching these attacks.

But truth be told, I have been dreading this "surprise" for a long time now, and you're right, noone should be surprised about any PED test on any power hitter from the late 90s/early 2000s. Especially when you look at Papi's Minnesota numbers and 2009 numbers.

That said, I don't think your last sentence is an entirely fair claim given the nature of the game this past decade. Individuals cheated, but I think it's hard to say a team cheated (well, unless we're talking about Boston's football team...)

Head Dude said...

Undude's point is a fair one in the sense that we would presume that players on the Yankees and whoever Boston beat to win the Series also cheated. Were they as important to their teams as Ortiz and Ramirez were to the Sox? Probably not, but I think the takeaway is that the whole era is tainted, and it's hard to single out any one team or player, other than the moment at which a particular player is revealed. It's too bad since Ortiz by all accounts is a well-liked dude, unlike a Clemens, but I agree with those who say for the good of the game just reveal the whole list at once instead of this drip-drop of a few at a time.