Thursday, August 13, 2009

As usual, ESPN misses the boat

You may have noticed yesterday that's cover story was on the relationship between the purported top three Heisman favorites. In my mind, I saw the headline and expected to see pictures of Thad, Tebow, and perhaps Bradford or McCoy. But no, apparently ESPN ignored the will of the people (or at least DudeSpin poll voters), and features the other three. We can only assume that Thad was a close fourth, but regardless, ESPN has again demonstrated that Herbstreit, Holtz, and all those other yokels don't know what they're talking about.


Big Daddy said...

It makes you wonder. There's been a lot of talk recently about how "objective" espn can be as a news "organization" when it has a stake in the events it is covering. I don't fault the espn business model at all and they have done more for sports than any other single institution but when they can conceivable have such a strangle hold on such things as shaping public perception one has to take a step back.

Did Thad refuse to kow-tow, as Head Dude so appropriately put it, to the yokels on ESPN? Did he refuse to fawn over them as he decided to spend more time working with his receivers and getting ready for the season. Or is it possible that for some unknown reason ESPN decided that Duke was not as sexy as a UT, OK or FLA??

I say boo to you ESPN and begin the chant that will be heard around the world and in particular The Downtown Athletic Club "THAD IS RAD! THAD IS RAD!! THAD IS RAD!!!"

The Dude said...

i'm more curious about who the yokel was that voted from Sam Bradford in our poll?

ThadisRad said...

I agree, Dude. Is there a way to ban that individual for life? Or maybe that person thinks our two-headed running game will be so strong that some TDs will be taken away from Thad's numbers. And that is a valid concern, though of course I voted for Thad on both of my computers.

As for ESPN, I think if we look deep within ourselves, we know this will be an uphill climb publicity wise. Let's face it, Thad doesn't have the name recognition of those other guys. That's why it's so important that DudeSpin exists... to help spead the gospel. I remain confident that by the end of the season, Duke's record and Thad's stats will speak for themselves.