Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Duke: Producing Good QBs for Itself and Other Schools!

I apologize for being late to the party on Thad Lewis news, but I was attending a destination wedding in the Bahamas. I recommend Sandals for anyone who's never been there.

On to the business at hand... Bruce Feldman of ESPN used his blog entry today to offer one explanation on why the ACC hasn't become a dominant football conference after adding Miami and Virginia Tech: too many highly touted quarterback prospects haven't panned out.

To sum up, between 2002 and 2006, the ACC had 13 QB recruits who ranked in the top 10 in the country as either drop-back or dual-threat prospects. Their track record has not been good.

The one man to buck the trend? That's right, Thad Lewis, who was the 10th-ranked drop-back QB in the Class of 2006.

A hearty "boo" goes out to Feldman later in the post, though, for saying that Thad "wasn't exactly an All-World recruit." Perhaps not, but he's done pretty well for himself considering he's upholding the honor of ACC signal-callers all by himself!

Also, though this is now old news, I couldn't believe no one on DudeSpin sounded off on the somewhat amazing fact that Greg Paulus was named the starter at Syracuse. I mean, I probably could have had a shot for some PT there too, but still.

Like all things, this story too, comes back to Thad. Reading through the 200 comments on the Paulus story, it didn't take long to come across knuckleheads spouting sentiments like "Duke football sucks, so if Paulus is so good, how come he didn't just stay there and start?"

Fortunately, some other posters set them straight, explaining that QB is the last position for which the Blue Devils need help.


Head Dude said...

It will be somewhat interesting to see if Duke gets criticized if Paulus ends up playing well. In the Big East, that's generally easier to do, but by no means easy. I'll certainly be rooting for the guy. Not as much as I'm rooting for Pudge now that he's back home, but nonetheless.

The Dude said...

As it looks like the Astros' compensation for Pudge depends on whether the Rangers make the playoffs, looks like I'll have to be a Rangers fan for the remainder of the season!

Head Dude said...

I presume you wouldn't be rooting for the Red Sox over Texas regardless of the trade? We have a chance to take down the secondary Evil Empire!

The Dude said...

Head Dude, you will not like what I'm about to say, but due to circumstances beyond my control, I will have to don a UT shirt for the Red River Shootout. I feel like I'm already being swayed to join one evil empire - i can't let that affect my baseball allegiances - go small market teams!!

Head Dude said...

Circumstances beyond your control?
Meaning someone else has control of your nuts?

Anonymous said...

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