Sunday, August 09, 2009

It starts...

With the Red Sox season slipping faster than Josh Hamilton's sobriety, this young man's fancy turns to Duke football.

Duke began practice Thursday, with Coach Cut talking bowl game. "I get specific about what our expectations are," he said. "We should be a bowl team. We're good enough to play in the postseason."

Of course we've heard this talk before, and we've never once felt the rush of booking last-minute flights to Idaho, but it's nice that the bar is set high. This article focuses mainly on the offense.

In a nutshell, most skill players are back, with the exception of unsung Obama campaign hero Eron Riley. Big shoes to fill, but I still believe Johnny Williams can be this generation's Corey Thomas. Behind center you have Heisman-favorite Thad Lewis, along with runningbacks Re'quan Boyette and Jay Hollingsworth. In a GoDuke article, Cutcliffe singled out those two as catching his eye early.

The biggest question mark offensively, as always, is the line. Cut's concerned about the lack of depth, and only have two returning starters (one of whom is changing positions). I don't know enough to really comment on this, but it should be noted that Duke has signed two impressive lineman for the class of 2010. Granted, that's no help to Thad right now, but a good sign looking forward. One of the recruits, Laken Tomlinson (is it too early to call him LT3?) is from the midwest and turned down offers from Ohio State, Michigan State, Nebraska, and Tennessee. I like that!

In conclusion, a few words about Thad from Coach Cut: "Thad has come a million miles. I think he's got some confidence. I never saw tonight him not knowing what to do with the football. He has so much courage and so much presence. Never, never doubt Thad Lewis' courage. He is a tough individual."


The Ricky Time Guy said...

Nicely done Undude!

After reading some of the posts on the espn linked article my question is which one of you dudes is wuzzum88?

wuzzum88 (8/6/2009 at 10:57 PM)

duke is a lock to win the ACC this year they are the sleeper nobody is talking about watch.

I mean obviously this is true but I just didn't expect the normal public to know/realize this.

The Dude said...

hilarious! what a find by Big Daddy!

Head Dude said...

It's good to have the boys back!

Though I might also note that there's now a tie for the AL wild card, and let's just say there's a new sheriff in town ready to break up the northeastern aristocracy.