Monday, September 14, 2009

It's Thad!

Coach Cut said Sunday that Thad is still rad to him and will start Saturday against Kansas. Cut said he thought Thad's been out of rhythm, perhaps because of limited practice time. Thad was one of the Blue Devils infected with Swine Flu, then came up with an ankle injury. Renfree took twice as many snaps this summer/fall.


The Dude said...

I'm with Cut

The Dude said...

If y'all needed another reason not to read DBR boards, I've found a few comments that I found utterly laughable:

"If our running game continues to struggle, I think Renfree is the best answer for a passing offense. If Renfree does become the starter, I could see Thad come in for "Wildcat" plays."

[apparently, this poster has not watched Thad play quarterback for any extended period of time]

"I'm OK with starting Lewis, but I think it'd be a bad decision not to give Renfree at least half the snaps."

[apparently this poster's ideal arrangement involves a ceremonial starter at QB - which I presume to have a high historial rate of success. This same poster then follows up with:]

"I don't agree. I thought his 2nd TD pass was awesome."

[For those of you who didn't see the game, the second TD was a blown coverage where the receiver became absolutely wide open. Renfree underthrew him a tad, but the DB had no chance to get there. I suspect that this guy must be a Bears fan to think that's good QB play.]