Thursday, November 05, 2009

Why Duke is actually undefeated

Since we haven't had a post in awhile, I thought I would throw out this theory for discussion.

Currently Duke is 5-3, but really, they should be competing for a national championship...

- The first "loss" came against Richmond. Thad was sick, so it doesn't count. 6-2.
- The next "loss" came against Kansas. Remember, this game replaced the Louisville game after we backed out of our series with the Cardinals. Louisville is 3-5 and ranked well below us in the rankings. That's an easy win. 7-1.
- The next "loss" was against Virginia Tech. That game turned on a bogus touchdown call that should have been a Wright interception. 8-0.

Bring on the Gators!


The Dude said...

where is the Maryland game post? and I thought the NC Central game replaced Louisville.

sebastien09 said...

i think duke could've had a better season