Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Scottie to Steel City

Duke legend and current receivers coach Scottie Montgomery is headed north, where he was named the new receivers coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes just became a bit more dangerous...

I hope all the Dudes join me in sending off Scottie with plenty of love. Along with Spencer Romine, he's the man who truly put the air in Airborne, and added a lot of style to the Duke lockerroom. I'll remember him fighting off tears after his last home game (which began with a kickoff return for a TD), and I'll remember jumping up and down on my couch listening to the '99 Duke-UVa game. On the last play he picked up a fumble, threw toward Romine, and Richmond Flowers grabbed it for the game-tying, miracle TD. My three favorite players involved in one crazy TD which ultimately led to Carl Franks' first win. And the rest, as they say, was history.

Friday, February 05, 2010

The 2010 Schedule Unveiled

2010 Duke Football Schedule

4 – ELON
11 – at Wake Forest
25 – ARMY

2 – at Maryland
9 – Open
16 – MIAMI
23 – at Virginia Tech
30 – at Navy

20 – at Georgia Tech

Coach Cutcliffe Gives "One Hundred Percent Guarantee" of ACC Title

...in the "next five to six years." I mean, unless I misread that quote, I figured that was something significant enough to break this blog's silence.

Of course, the context of the quote was that he really liked our recruiting class, which was panned by most experts. So it's possible he may have been speaking metaphorically, because unless there are a hell of a lot of medical hardships granted, this class won't be around in six years to celebrate that ACC championship.

My favorite part was actually:

"Wait 'til they see these guys play."

Alright Coach, I'm sold.